In the era of online dating, social networks, and constantly exchanging messages, people are increasingly asking the question: “How can I understand that I am being deceived when communicating on the Internet?”

However, many relationships begin through messaging, and often texting remains the main way of communicating, so the ability to determine whether he is lying or not is very difficult.

However, you have the opportunity to track the progress of the dialogue, so if you get paranoid , you can determine such lies. Check out 10 types of texting that show a man is lying to you.

1. Rare messages. Keep track of the frequency of messages, especially in a casual conversation. If suddenly, after an important question, there was an unreasonable pause, then most likely, someone does not want to tell the truth and is trying to build a usable lie.YOU MAY LIKE


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2. Refusal to go into details. Again, this is not real proof, but if they mentions some doubtful fact and refuses to tell you about something in detail, then most likely, he is trying to deceive you.

3. You will be surprised, but if he answers with long sentences, he is probably trying to lie to you. This is the way we write when trying to excuse ourselves. So, keep that in mind.

4. He avoids direct answers. He uses tricky wording, in order to avoid telling you yes or no directly. He knows that these answers can cause further questions, so he prefers saying “Maybe”.

5. Repeating the answer or rephrasing it. This is another attempt to hide his lie. If you detect this, you can be pretty sure that your man is lying.

6. Long time typing a message. If it takes him long to type a message, he is probably thinking too much about it, which consequently means that he might be lying.

7. He leaves your answer without a response. Sure, there is a chance that he is trying to surprise you, but most likely, he is just lying or hiding the truth.

8. He is appealing to his authority, Phrases like “I am not that type of person” or “You know me, I would never do that” mean that he is lying.

9. He blames you back. Attacks are the best way of using protection. So, if he tries to blame you back, even though you did nothing, your man is a liar.

10. Says that he needs time to answer. This is one of the most vivid signs of lying.

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