89. You will NEVER have the confidence to leave me!- Advertisement –

90. “You are delusional.”

91. You have no friends.

92. Nobody likes you.

93. You’re too old; no one will ever want you.

94. You’re too fat.- Advertisement 2-

95. No one will ever love you like I do.

96. You’ll never find anyone as good as me.

97. You’ll never find anyone else to put up with you like I do.

98. You’ll never have a house as nice as this one. You’ll end up living in a broken down car on the Northside. 

99. What are you going to do without me? How will you ever feed yourself?

100. I never said that…you’re crazy.

101. You need a shrink.

102. I never did that…you’re crazy.

103. I can say or do anything I want to you because I own you.

104. “I was busy!”

105. Somebody has to earn a living!

106. “I work my ASS OFF, but nobody around here seems to care!”

107. No one is able to love someone like you, except me.

108. Why do you always have to criticize me?

109. Don’t nag me.

110. Why are you upset? I was ONLY kidding.

111. I want … I need….

112. I … me me me.

113. I was just kidding – gee, you can’t take a joke

114. Rage? What rage? Oh, so I’m not allowed to get angry?

115. Only I can treat you like shit!

116. “I never said anything to you because I just thought you knew how she felt about .you. She was talking about you, complaining. I didn’t think you were friends.”
 Narc: You have the most beautiful blue eyes.
You: Awww. Thank you.

117. Narc: I can’t do this anymore.
You: Are you breaking up with me again?
Narc: Yes.

118. “If you ever cheat on me, I’ll kill them…AND you…”

119. You started it.

120. Get over it.

121. Grow up!

Narcissists can be more dangerous than you think. Be careful.

Written by Angie Atkinson
Originally appeared on Queenbeing.com

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