There’s plenty of ways to find out if your partner is cheating on you, but we don’t want to focus on the obvious signs such as smelling a new perfume in a shirt. That’s easy and you’ll need few seconds to figure things out. But what if your partner is sleeping with someone else, but there’s no obvious signs that will help you solve the mystery?

Well, we’ve made a collection of 15 signs that will be help you uncover if your partner is having an affair. It’s difficult to deal with a cheating partner, but it’s not always the end of a relationship.

Plenty of couples managed to overcome such a problem and moved on with spending their lives together. But this decision is all up to you. The important thing here is to get the truth out there and deal with the consequences later.

1Making love is no longer exciting

It’s normal for every couple to have a little drawback when it comes to making love. When this happens, couples usually tend to experiment and try new things until the passion is back where it belongs. But if passion and excitement is only a problem for your partner, that’s a sign that they may be getting lucky with someone else.

Making love

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2It’s Not Fun Being Around You Anymore

The lack of interest for each other could extend beyond the bedroom, and that’s a problem. Having a bad day or two it’s understandable because we’ve all been there. But if spending time together is no longer fun, and if they won’t pay close attention to your conversations, there could be a problem.

lack of interest

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3Long Delays in Communication


This is clearly an obvious sign because all cheaters seem to have problems and delays in communication. The reason is obvious as well. They need some extra time to come up with excuses and lies that make sense.

Delays in Communication

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4Your Partner is Always Late

This could be the oldest trick in the book for cheaters. Let’s get few things straight; we’ve all been late and that’s ok. But if you’re going out with someone who’s never late and all of sudden this changes, that’s a bad sign.

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5Look at Your Finances

If you guys are living together, reviewing the finances is the best way to see if you’re leaving with a cheater. If there’s plenty of late work shifts but not changes when it comes to the paycheck, that’s a sign.

6They Suddenly Carry a Second Phone

The only logical reason for someone to carry a second phone is of course job and business related. But hey, mobile gaming could be a second reason or let’s say the second phone has a better camera. However, if this mysterious phone is protected by passwords and it’s always by their side, it could be a problem.

using two phones

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7They’re Way Too Open

This is a tricky one indeed. Let’s say your partner protects his privacy to some degree, and all of a sudden you’re allowed to go over their phone, messages, etc. The first thing that comes to your mind is; we’re getting closer. But, what if they have a secret phone for their dirty business? Like we said, it is a tricky one.

checking your partners phone

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8Your Partner is More Giving


There has to be a logical reason behind every session of gift showering. Pay rise, business is going good? It all makes sense. But, if nothing is changed except the gift showering, it’s a sign of guilt. Make sure you investigate closely to find out the real reason behind the extra presents.

giving present to girlfriend

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9There’s Suddenly a Special Friend

We all have that special friend. It could be a co-worker or someone with grew up with. But your partner already knows about this special friend, because there’s nothing to hide. And you know about their special friend because they have nothing to hide either. But what if this special friend just pops out of nowhere? If this special friend wasn’t mentioned in previous conversations, it could be more than just a friend.

suddenly a special friend

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10Your Partner is More Forgetful

This is a tricky one as well. Being more forgetful is a positive thing. You both need to be more forgetful and just precious the happy moments and memories. But on the other side, this could also mean that their attention is elsewhere, and they can’t handle two people at the same time.

11Less Family Time

This is the most obvious sign that you can get from your partner. It’s not a clear indicator that he or she is cheating on you, but there has to be a problem that they’re dealing with. Not spending enough time with the family is not acceptable.

spending time with family

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12They’re Cold and Distant

If to your “what’s wrong?” question you get “nothing” as a response, and they’re still cold and distant, there is a problem that you need to solve with your partner. No one gets cold and distant all of a sudden if there’s no reason behind it. And of course, the most typical reason behind mood changes is someone else.

couple not talking to each other

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13Their Everyday Behavior Has Changed


Cold and distant is the obvious sign, but you should be aware of the little changes like stepping away to take a certain call while remaining around for others. Or if they were messy when you met them and they’re suddenly cleaning every time you visit.

looking from windo curtain

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14Picking Up Unusual Habits

We don’t really change that much in life, but we do pickup few habits along the way. New and unusual habits are influenced by new and unusual people. If your partner is picking up unusual habits that don’t fit their personality, there has to be someone else in their life that is important enough to change them.

Picking Up Unusual Habits

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15Questionable Things in Your Surroundings

Two cups of coffee in the car’s cup holder but you don’t remember the last time you had coffee in the car? Meal receipts show food for two people but you don’t remember going out that day? That’s more than enough signs for you to act accordingly.

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