This is the only Article you need to read on this topic, but you have to read until the end if you’re looking to become an Alpha Woman it’s important to master as many of the items on this list as you can if you do you’ll find that people will treat you differently, you’ll feel better you’ll feel more powerful and more in control over the world around you, this is not about appealing to some male fantasy of the perfect woman but evolving into the best version of yourself.

1-Looks (not beauty):

We wanted to take care of this one straight out the gate yes we are biological beings programmed to reproduce, yes we are a selfish species which judges a book by its cover but looks are more than that, the way a person looks tells the world a lot about who this person is your aspect is like your personal life resume stapled to your forehead. in terms of physical appearance men have different preferences but they all want you to be healthy they want to know you’re taking care of yourself and of your body, this translates to the flush of your skin the fitness of your body and the energy the person is putting out make an effort to look better and make it a priority because when you look great you feel great.

Here’s a pro-tip for the ladies out there, men prefer a more natural look in the detriment of more colorful makeup in nature bright colors are meant to signal a creature is poisonous also if you’re going to use foundation make sure you blend it into your neck nobody wants to see you looking like those Neapolitan ice creams the secret is to use every tool at your disposal to improve the way you look but do it in a way that they can’t tell you’re doing it.

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