1. You can do these leg and butt exercises in a super small space:

2. If yours is to focus on your butt, here is what you are looking for:


3. Do you have eight free minutes? Don’t look for what to do, and try this mini circuit:

4. Are you looking for a stronger and flatter abdomen? Here the Gym Virtual trainer brings you an optimal secret:

5. Learn these four exercises to tone your abdomen:

6. To reduce your waist, incorporate these exercises into your routine. Repeat each 15 times:


7. This is how you can do plank , without dying in the first attempt:

8. For firm bubbles, do these 5 exercises, slowly, squeezing out the workout:

9. Exercises to perform in the middle of your workday:

10. It’s Friday and your body … needs you to relax:


11. More tricks to tone your legs, because in the variety is the secret:

12. Do you have a fitness ball like this? Use it to fortify the center that stabilizes your whole body, also called core :

13. Try the GPA training method (Buttocks, Abdominals and Legs):

14. This routine, together with a balanced diet, invites you to reduce fat:


15. Legs and glutes, two for the price of one:

16. Tricks to reduce waist fat:

17. Remember something else: you need to warm up first to give your best:

18. And of course there is nothing more important than feeling good from the inside, try these yoga movements whenever you have time:

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