Here are 7 Amazing Mental Health Podcasts you can listen to for free today!

Do you love listening to podcasts as much as I do? Or are you a newbie that’s interested in what they’re all about?

Podcasts have become really popular within the last few years, and for good reason! They are amazing. Podcasts allow anybody to talk about specific topics and connect with listeners around the world.

They are also 100% free! And they can be a life-changer when it comes to mental health.

7+ Amazing Mental Health Podcasts

I’ve listened to podcasts when I was stuck at my old job, wishing for a better life but not knowing where to begin. Embracing your past, forgiving yourself and moving onPlay Video

The idea of starting a podcast sounded so cool (and I plan on starting one, soon!) and it sparked some creativity within that I never knew existed.

I recommend to anyone who struggles with mental health to give podcasts a try.

And if you have a long commute, isolated office job, or enjoy listening to something while you do homework, give these podcasts a listen.

You never know, these mental health podcasts could just change your life one day as they did for me!

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1. Radical Transformation Project

Faith Mariah is one of my favorite bloggers/podcasters. When she talks it feels like she’s talking directly to you.

Last year when I was really struggling with my own mental health, I listened to her podcasts religiously to help pull me out of the slump I was in.

If you’re looking for a strong pep talk from someone who’s been there before, I recommend checking out her podcast.

Click here for The Radical Transfomation Project podcast!

best mental health podcasts herpaperroute

2. The HerPaperRoute Podcast

Chelsea from HerPaperRoute hosts the HerPaperRoute Podcast. This is an uplifting show that will no doubt motivate you to get up and make something creative. 

From mindset and goal setting tips, to personal wealth management and encouragement for building a profitable business as a do-it-all entrepreneur, this podcast reminds you just how much power you really do have. You can change your own life for the better. 

Listen to this episode about overcoming anxiety and getting our of your comfort zone:

Click here for the HerpaperRoute Podcast!

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3. Made Of Magic Podcast

Since my blog is mainly directed towards women (even though men are definitely welcome, too!), I thought it was appropriate to add this to the list.

The Made Of Magic podcast talks all about how to be more compassionate with yourself and develop inner peace. Something I think we all need more of.

Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth cares a lot about teaching you to accept yourself as you are right now, which will help improve your mental health quickly.

Click here for the Made Of Magic Podcast!

best mental health podcasts

4. Anxiety Slayer With Shann And Anganga

If you deal with anxiety, I recommend Anxiety Slayer. It will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about managing anxiety.

Shann and Anganga hit on topics like panic attacks, guided meditations, obsessive thoughts, and even how to support other people with anxiety.

This is definitely one of those podcasts to have on any list for when you’re really going through something.

Click here for The Anxiety Slayer Podcast!

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5. Let It Out By Katie Dalebout

I’ve been a fan of Katie Dalebout for years and even bought her book “Let it Out: A Journal Through Journaling”.

Her podcast is full of ways to start living your best life, and she exudes so much positivity that you can’t help but feel a little more hopeful in your own life.

I recommend checking her out, and also her book on journaling because it takes you through how to journal and create the life of your dreams.

Click here for The Let It Out Podcast!

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6. The Wilder Podcast By Karsyn Dupree

Karsyn Dupree was the one who got me hooked on podcasts and blogging. I remember a time I felt so lost and confused with my life, and wasn’t sure there would ever be an answer.Report this ad

At my old job I would sit at my desk and listen to her talk, and after a while I started to feel inspired and motivated. She made me feel like anything was possible. And she was the one that motivated me to start LovelyRefinement!

Her podcast is not only about mental health but also body image issues and other struggles she has gone through personally. And even despite all that, she’s a total badass who continues to spread positivity around.

Click here to listen to The Wilder Podcast!

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7. Wellness Realness By Christina Rice

I like this podcast because it talks about all things wellness. There are 7 dimensions to wellness and this podcast hits on all of them.Report this ad

When it comes to mental health it is also important to look at different aspects of your life, such as physical health, spiritual health, occupational health, and environmental health.

If you’re curious about how you can improve your overall wellness to improve your mental health, I recommend this podcast.

Click here to listen to the Wellness Realness Podcast!

best mental health podcasts

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8. The Savvy Psychologist

Dr. Ellen is a psychologist who talks about a variety of mental health topics. But, she breaks down each issue into bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand.

I really like listening to her because she knows what she’s talking about (since she’s a psychologist) and yet I don’t get totally lost in terms too big for my vocabulary.

She breaks the barrier from a professional therapist to a close listening friend with her tips on how to manage your mental health and I highly recommend listening to her podcast.

Click here for the Savvy Psychologist Podcast!

7+ Amazing Mental Health Podcasts – Conclusion

These are my top choices for mental health podcasts, but there are plenty others out there.

Which means I’ll probably be adding to this list really soon once I discover more!Report this ad

Do you have a specific podcast you like to listen to for your mental health? Let me know in the comments below!


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