Today I want to share with you best arm exercises for women. They are simple 5 minute exercises that can be made anywhere, anytime, no equipment needed.

I am a runner so I need to do extra exercises for arms. For soo long I’ve been killing myself with push-ups and weights and I didn’t like it for two reasons. One, it is boring and heavy in the beginning which makes it really hard to build a habit. Second I just want toned and strong arms but without that big bubble like muscle.

After a long research I compiled this 5 minute workout. You don’t need any equipment and you can actually do it while reading this post. This exercise will work your triceps, biceps, shoulders and pecks.

So let’s start.


-stand (or sit) up straight

-extend your arms to the sides, shoulder height, and keep them so during the whole exercise (like letter ˝T˝)

-with palms facing down make a tight fist


-make 20 circles forward

-and 20 circles backward


-hold arms flexed for 10 seconds

arm workout hold

-swing your arms back, press shoulder blades towards each other and swing back

-repeat 20 times


-open palms facing forward, keep arms and fingers flexed

-bend elbows up 90°

-rotate arms down until forearms are parallel with the ground and bring back up

-repeat 20 times


-keeping elbow at 90° bring arms together in front of your head and swing them back

-repeat 20 times


-extend arms to the sides with palms facing up

-bring your arms straight up over head

-drop them down in front, parallel to the ground, palms facing down

-and move back straight to the sides, palms facing up

-repeat 20 times


-bring arms back to the sides (letter ˝T˝), palms facing down

-make swinging motion up and down like you’re trying to fly

-repeat 20 times

And that’s it. Shake your hands to release tension. Stretch them little bit.

Repeat this every day and in a week you will feel and see big difference. Your arms will be toned (that baggy skin will disappear) and much stronger.

It is an amazing workout. It can be part of your regular routine or after a run to engage arms like I do, because runners arms are often neglected.
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Now I also found some amazing exercises you should try, if you get bored with this one. Also it’s good to mix things up little bit. Muscles don’t like same movements every day.

At the end of this post I included simple arm stretches to relax arms and prevent muscle pain.

Check out this article, there is a lot of information on why woman have issue with arm flabby skin. And this is the exercise they suggest.

Tricep Arm Workout
Tricep Arm Workout

Another great exercise is

Up&Down Plank

It works not only arms but also core and many other muscles.

-start with normal plank (as on first picture)

-lower right elbow to the floor

-lower left elbow to the floor

-place right palm on the floor and straighten elbow

-place left palm on the floor and straighten elbow

-repeat 10 times

-now switch arms, start with left elbow to the floor, then right to the floor and left up, right up for 10 more times

Up&Down Plank

Source: PopSugar

Tricep Dips

are great exercise for arms. No equipment needed. Just a chair or stairs or a coffee table. 4 cycles of 20 dips and 10 seconds rest. Two tips: don’t sink in shoulders, but bend elbows and don’t sit on floor.

Tricep Dips

Source: PopSugar


This is a highly effective exercise. You can do it with light weights for strength. Or just swing punches for 5 minutes. Focus on strong swing from hip and shoulder.


Source: Sassy Fit Girl

One Arm Side Push-Ups

I am not a fan of push-up but this side ones I actually like. Give them a try, it’s a great alternative to regular push-ups

One Side Push-Ups

Source: StyleCraze


As I promised here is a video for arm stretches. I do this every time after arm workouts and it is the best one I found so far. It really relaxes muscles and I never feel any pain afterwards.

Hope you found valuable information in this post. If you have any questions please leave a comment. I am always happy to help.

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