Which lady wouldn’t want perfect abs? Everybody wants their belly to be fit and pretty and not showing from underneath body tight dresses. Truth be told, not every woman dreams of six-pack abs, but a taut and attractive belly is a fairly reachable goal for most women. If you’ve long wanted to start, but there always was a thing, today is the day to make it happen.

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We offer you a challenge – 30 days of abs workout. What you need for motivation is a program for each day. If you are ready for it, you will find the program and tips on working out abs below.How To Regularly Work Out At Home. Simple But Efficient Exercise Plan. Tips And Tricks (1)Volume 90% 

Mistakes in working out abdominal muscles

1. You crunch too high. Crunches are not sit-ups! Your body should resemble the letter C. That is, the abdominal muscles are engaged when you bring your ribs down to your belly button. Make sure you focus on feeling your abs work.

2. You crunch too fast. Focus on each movement and try to feel it every bit. Don’t chase after the numbers. Let your back fully reach the floor and then continue.

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3. You strain your neck or help yourself with your hands. This is wrong, as you need to load abs, which are the target of this exercise. Make sure that the elbows are as wide as possible.

4. You relax the muscles after each repetition. This way your abs training will be long, tedious, and fruitless. A set implies that the muscles remain tense throughout all the repetitions in it.

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5. You hold your breath. This is the worst mistake, as breathing is an important part of any exercise. Exhale when crunching and inhale when returning to the initial position.

Proper nutrition for great abs

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Proper nutrition is one of the cornerstones of keeping the body in good shape. If you are doing the challenge, then consider the following tips on nutrition:

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  1. Eat 4-5 times a day in small servings.
  2. Consume 80% of carbohydrates in the morning and go with protein food after lunch and in the evening.
  3. Choose foods that contain low-glycemic-index carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.
  4. Try to stick to a food combining diet: consume proteins separately from carbohydrates.

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If you have long dreamed of beautiful abs, then it’s time to buckle down. You won’t get your dream body without diligence and hard work, so take our challenge and get it done!

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