Top 5 Weight Loss Myths Busted
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After your baby is born you’ll notice some immediate weight loss due to delivery.  After a few weeks you may continue to see slight weight loss, especially if you are nursing.

The postpartum weight loss may not be as quick as you would like and after 6 weeks postpartum you might still struggle fitting into your ordinary clothes.  It takes time.

The weight you’ve gained will not vanish over night but with healthy and clean eating and moderate exercise, the excess weight and inches will begin to peel away.

Also understand, being pregnant changes your body composition to support growing a living being so be patient with yourself and the weight gain.

Don’t Be Unrealistic

You must keep in mind that your body would not miraculously get back into its previous form overnight.   Be realistic in the expectations at the rate you can expect successful weight loss.

You don’t need to do anything radical like go on some excessive smoothie diet.  What is an understanding of your  body, what it just went through giving birth and a plan to get back in shape.

Set SMART goals according to your body type and new lifestyle.  Give yourself a reasonable time to achieve those goals knowing you have a little one who is also demanding some of your time.

Track your progress against your goals and make adjustments as necessary.  I can’t say this enough, consistency and patience wins this race.

Don’t stop eating healthy and exercise even if you don’t see things working.  You’ll most likely lose the most weight fastest in your first few weeks postpartum.

After about six weeks weight loss may slow down and what’s left is most likely excess body fat which naturally increases during pregnancy.  So focus on that and get to work.


Let’s Talk Nutrition After Having A Baby

Now that you have realistic SMART goals it’s time to get to work.  Start with your nutrition.  Make sure you are eating healthy foods that not only support your nutrition needs but those of your newborn.

It’s very important to evaluate your diet in terms of calorie count and nutritional intake.  You want to eat the right amount of calories to meet your body’s demands and consume nutrient dense food which can help you be fuller longer.

Don’t cut calories too drastically because you’ll need more energy with the baby and especially if you’re breast feeding.

Eat lots of vegetables and whole grains for your complex carbs which will give you energy and keep you feeling fuller longer.

Include healthy fats and protein as well.  And you can’t forget drinking plenty of water.

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Let’s Talk About Exercise

Once cleared by your obstetrician, slowly get back into moving your body with exercise. Doing Aerobics or strength training  can really help you burn calories.

Start off with low moderate physical activity like walking or jogging.  After a few weeks, slowly increase the intensity.

Avoid extreme workouts during the initial 3 months postpartum. If you eventually move towards jumping or high-impact activities then prepare your pelvic muscles, first through kegel (relax and contract).

Over time you should notice your physical fitness improving.

In Summation

When it comes to getting your body back after pregnancy it’s important to first get clearance from your doctor for exercise, not to compare yourself to others or celebrities.  Make smart goals and then plan out tactically how you are going to achieve them.  

Nutrition and physical activity should be at the top of that list.  Keep your nutrition balanced with nutrient dense food.

Start slowly with getting back to physical exercise, don’t go too extreme at first and as the intensity increases, start slowly and make sure your pelvic muscles are ready for it.

New Mom Belly Home Workout

Disclaimer:  Consult with your obstetrician/physician before starting any new workout program.  Be sure to get clearance from your obstetrician to begin exercising your core.  Participate at your own risk.

If you just had a baby and looking to strengthen your core then try this new mom belly workout you can do at home. Be sure to get clearance from your physician before starting any new workout program. #noequipmentworkout #womenshealth #athomeworkout #exercise #fitness #newmomworkout #diastasisrectiworkout #bellyfat #flatbelly #getflat #flatabs #diastasisrecti (2)



Don't have a lot of time then try this 10-minute full body post-baby workout to help you burn calories, build strength and lose weight.


What did you do to get your body back in shape after delivering your baby?

Becoming a mom and losing weight after pregnancy can be a challenge. Use these tips to help you lose weight fast after having a baby without mommy and me fitness classes. #babyweight #newmomworkout #newmombellyworkout #mommyandme #newbaby #postpartum #postnatal #pelvicfloor #womenshealth #babyexercise

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