Narcissists trigger us into more things than just despair and feeling powerless.

We feel mad, violated, taken as a fool, manipulated and lied to. In fact, there are very few things that make people as angry and devastated as feeling deceived and betrayed.

Of course, we want to stop their terrible behavior, yet the ways we try to stop them hurting us are often the exact ways that hand them more bullets to shoot us down with.

So … in this video, today, I am going to teach you how to beat the narcissist at their own game without needing to expose them or make them wrong.

And the irony is, you will expose them and you will make them wrong – but that is NOT what you are initially setting out to do!

I’d like you to think about this question. What happens to you when you are triggered into feeling small, battered, shameful (as narcissists are so good at projecting into and onto you) and powerless?

Is it this? You go into overdrive trying to expose the narcissist to others to try to get allies to help you, or you try to force the narcissist to admit they are wrong, atone and stop doing what they are doing.

These are exactly the things that I used to try to do.

However, the results are disastrous! People think we are crazy, fractured, and our victimised energy does not inspire support. Rather, it makes us look like the one with the problems.

And … when we try to force the narcissist to take it back, admit they are wrong and start acting like a decent person, they simply twist it and turn it all and abuse us more.

So how do we turn the tables?

I’m going to explain to you in this Thriver TV episode exactly how to take your power back, what your goals are to make that happen, and precisely how to achieve it.

And when you have done that, not only does it throw the narcissist off their game, it also starts to render them powerless.

If you are suffering from the narcissist using all sorts of nasty tactics to punish and hurt you, today’s video is SO important for you to watch!

I used to be SO invested in pushing the narcissist into a corner, where there was no-where to go, to FORCE him to change. That was when I was living under the powerless illusion that people needed to change in order for me to have a great life.

Naturally, it didn’t work!

Now, as a Thriver, I can’t tell you the absolute literal miracles that unfolded once I changed my perspective and applied what I talk about in this video.

It is my deepest wish that the same happens for you.

I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.

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