Is your avocado too hard? Learn how to ripen a rock hard avocado in just 10 minutes! A simple hack that will show you how to have ripe and silky avocados available to enjoy at all times. A super easy trick you can’t miss!

ripen a rock hard avocado in just 10 minutes

How To Ripen An Avocado Fast

Oh avocados…. who does not love them? Not only are they tasty, but their nutrition benefits prove even more of a reason to eat the green goodness. At home we are huge avocado fans. Avocados are perfect for babies, kids, and adults. And with this super easy trick, you can now have them always ready!

These days,the avocado has become an incredibly popular food among health conscious people. It is often referred to as a superfood, which is not surprising given its health properties. Learn more about the health benefits of avocado HERE. Mashed avocado was my daughter’s first baby food! Avocados are perfect for everybody in the family. Babies, toddlers, kids, and adults can really benefit from eating avocados.

The problem is avocados are notoriously tricky to get just right. It is pretty hard to have avocados that are ready to eat everyday. When I go grocery shopping I buy my avocados rock hard. I need to wait a few days for them to be ready, but with this trick, I do not need to wait anymore.

Quickly Ripen Avocados

How to make avocado ripe? You will be surprised to learn this super easy trick and soften your avocados quickly. You can ripen a rock hard avocado in just 10 minutes. No more hard avocados in your kitchen!

If you want to learn more avocado tricks, please see my 5 Useful Hacks Every Avocado Lover Needs To Know post and video tutorial. There are so many things you can do with avocados besides making guacamole. You can actually cook, blend, or even bake avocados and have them for breakfast!

Check out my Best Breakfast Baked Avocado Eggs Recipe for a super easy and healthy breakfast idea.  Avocados are just perfect any time of the day. Hass avocados are my favorite because they are super creamy and full of flavor. I could eat avocados every single day and this is why this tip is so amazing.

how to ripen an avocado fast

Ripen A Rock Hard Avocado In Just 10 Minutes!

What you need: A baking sheetaluminum foil, and that hard-as-a-rock avocado

What you do: Wrap the whole fruit in tinfoil and set it on the baking sheet. Pop it in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes, or until the avocado is soft (depending on how hard it is, it could take up to an hour to soften). Remove it from the oven, then put your soft, ripe avocado into the fridge until it cools.

Why this works: Avocados produce ethylene gas, which is typically released slowly, causing the fruit to ripen. But as the avocado bakes in tinfoil, the gas surrounds it, putting the ripening process into hyperdrive.

Remember that time in the oven depends on how hard the avocado is. This simple trick really will make your life easier! Now that you know how to have avocados ready everyday, start incorporating them to your weekly menu.

Help! My Avocado Didn’t Taste Quite Right!

Of course it’s not going to taste exactly like a rich, creamy, naturally ripened avocado. You cannot force nature and expect the same results.Cooking or baking something (or microwaving it, which I really don’t recommend at all) alters the flavor, texture, nutrients…pretty much everything about the food. That goes for everything from chicken to avocados.

When you consider that like 99.9% of avocado recipes involve using raw fruit, it makes total sense that it will taste different after baking it. That doesn’t mean it’s going to taste bad, just not the same. Think of this trick as a great way to get avocados ready for their supporting role in salsa, not their starring role in guacamole.

ripe avocado ready

This Avocado Trick Didn’t Work for Me, Now What?

I’m not going to lie, there will be times when this trick doesn’t work. Hey, when you’re trying to speed nature along, there are no guarantees. Honestly, it works more than half the time for me. Of course, it depends on just how unripe the avocado is to begin with. There’s a difference between a rock hard avocado that’s on the cusp of beginning to ripen and one that literally just came off the tree.

So, what do you do if you need that avocado asap and you don’t have time to run to the store to get ripe ones? While none of these tricks will get you there as fast as the oven hack, they’ll definitely speed up ripening time.

1. Leave it in the oven longer– as I said, timing varies depending on how close to ripe the fruit is. You may need to go as long as an hour to get the right texture. Note the word texture, not flavor. Unfortunately, the ONLY way to get that perfect avocado flavor is to let nature takes its course.

2. Brown bag it- Avocados ripen faster in a brown bag than just sitting out on your windowsill. Sure, it won’t be guacamole-ready in 10 minutes, but it may be ready as early as the next day.

3. Brown bag it with a banana– speed up the process even more by tossing a banana or apple in the bag with it. California Avocados recommends pairing it with golden or red delicious apples versus other varieties, as they produce more ethylene. Remember, ethylene is definitely your friend when ripening an avocado fast.

Of course, you could always just run back to the store and grab some ripe avocados if you’re looking for that flawless flavor. Whatever you do, don’t refrigerate it. In fact, only put it in the fridge if you want to slow down the ripening process.

If you are interested in more avocado recipes, check out my spaghetti squash and raw pesto avocado sauce or creamy avocado cilantro ranch posts. Delicious ideas that the entire family can enjoy. Eat more avocados for your family’s health!Shop Related Products

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