‘’ These I love you letters are a testament of my love; falling in love with you has raised foundations of serenity in my soul, with each feel of your touch greasing my skin and your compassion taking hold of my soul, there has been an adornment of bliss in my life as I can comfortably say, I joyful have found love each time the sunrises in your eyes’’

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When chasing love, words can sometimes become foreign to express how we feel, we may run out of conversation and terms to express those emotions to that special one.

Our language may become gibberish as though someone had slide ice cubes down the back of our throat but these love letters can serve as a love confession to your partner that will connote a sense of commitment, appreciation, and affection.

As two hearts conjoin, these are love letters for him from the heart, loving you letters for her that can stir some sunshine inside her soul, love letters to unfold a journey as two hearts are joined together.

These I love you letters are for the one who soothes your soul with joy and compassion, raising pillars of strength and creating a shelter of peace.

I love you letters for him from the heart

You are forever my secret rainbow beautiful arched upon every page greased in my heart may you always remember that my heart belongs to you in these love letters.

We live in a fast pace world that has been highly dominated with technology, influencing every aspect of our lives from our method of communicating to our method of survival.

However, in matters of the heart, the specialty and sacredness of love letters cannot be overlooked. The calligraphy of your heart on paper for the special one to keep forever is still an effective way of communicating with your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, and partner.

I love to invest in my relationships and make my partner feel extremely special when I can; there is a whole different feeling when I send love messages through my phone and when I write love letters to my special person.

This may seem like a difficult task to write these love letter for those who can’t manipulate words, but it doesn’t have to be so. You simply have to put your feelings to paper even in simple lines and let your heart spill how you feel. And if are not satisfied these are some I love You Letters that you can send to your special human or set as a guide in writing that love letter, message or long love paragraphs.

Deeply In Love With You Letters

My Heart Belongs To You

For the one that seals my soul with bliss

Loving You Letter To My Love

My dearest, I cannot comprehend how timestamps through seasons, it feels like our soul has been kneaded forever on this trail of survival when we have just press through a few months. These months have been the best times in my life, my worth rebranded with an amount of compassion you pour on me. You have unfolded versions in my soul I couldn’t peel open.

You have taught me to be fierce on this journey, courageously buckling vulnerability to resilience and for this I am thankful. Words cannot simplify how magical your presence has been in my life; you shaded pure hue of happiness to the grey slates in my life and taught me to laugh in several tongues, you preserved laughter deep down into my lungs and for this, I am eternally grateful. This love has been powerful and it leaves me wanting no other.

I cannot deny the way you make my soul sing, each fiber in my bones strummed by your touch. I hum with life to the pulse of you being alive, just being in your presence is the best freedom I can ever have. You have been my hero even under the naked sky as we rip fears and let our strength dominate, as our soul collides.

I can’t comprehend how fortunate I have been to find a man that is filled with strength and magic in making a life together. Thank you for making me feel special; you are the melody from the sun that even the moon sings.

Thanks for enticing me with your soul; I can’t wait to walk a decade with you.

Loving You Letter To My Love 1

You and I that’s all we need to complete this life

I love you letters for him from the heart 2

You have lit an unquenchable flame within my soul; you have decorated my soul with joy knowing no bounds. You have taught me to stand in the light of my truth courageously with no limitations, you have made hope grow again budding my heart to compassion.

There are no words to define how grateful I am that an angel was ushered into my life, an angel clothed in human skin to make my walk on earth easier. I love the way you do you in every phase, season and exposure. You have taught me the relevance of originality and for this I am thankful. You have touched the petals in my soul and caused them to blossom with care.

You love me beyond my expectations and you have been the greatest supporter in my life. I want to say thank you and if I were to make the journey to earth again; without you, by my side, I will be doomed. I love you today, tomorrow unto infinity.

Loving You Letter To My Love 2

You understand my heart and I can’t tell you enough how amazing that feels

I love you letters 2

Your hands caress me with a fire of ecstasy that I rather lay everything bare before you as you undress my passion. You have taken my pain at every opportunity and turned it into a plight we both share in my moments of insecurity you have encrypted a trademark of assurance with the way you tend to me, you bring me back to life, revive what was lost, restored what was shattered. You re-defined the purpose to love and gave me more reasons to open up my vulnerability, you measured my worth past my scars.

Words can’t contain this love you have shown to me, an entire ocean of ink wouldn’t be enough to describe them. They were a starburst of light amongst the darkening dusk. My love, I simply want to say you complete me. Your touch leaves a trail for me to always find my way back to you, you shake my world, just as much as we shake the earth with the power of our love and I can’t wait to spend eternity with you.

I Love You Letters To Girlfriend

Dear Love, You leave the taste of courage on my lips

i love you letters to boyfriend

As I surrender parts of my vulnerability to you, I trust you will hold me with care. I must confess I never knew what love truly entails, the power of its touch the presence of its aura. I never imagined an unbreakable faithful connection, fastened past my imperfections but you built a sovereign love that sees beyond my weakness and edifies my soul.

You sooth the rhythm of my flesh with peace and it is with utmost gratitude I thank the stars for splitting you to me. I am honored to walk through the chaos and beauty with your soul kneaded to mine. Separation is an illusion as I have found you within every day.

You’re that energy which keeps me afloat and grounded with love. As the sun yawns over my skin and scrapes the magic hidden in the corners of my soul let us build a galaxy of magic, let me find a home at the arch of your back, your hands smoothing and sharpening the edges of my flesh.

I want to love you in ways that words can barely comprehend as I unpeel every layer of bliss.

Love Of My Life

I am stronger in your embrace

i love you letters to girlfriend

My love, you would always ask me why I love you; there are thousands of reason why I do and here are just a few love letters telling you why. I love you because whenever I see you, I see my future, I see my wife, I see the mother of my children, I see you as you are, I appreciate you being you. I love you, how you authentically do you.

I love you because I see the best in you, I believe you, I see how much you have to offer, I see your heart, your wings and halo of beauty that surrounds you, I see how much you’re worth I see all of you, I respect you and honor you. You are my rose whom I protect and help grow. You are the keeper of my heart and my dreams. I love you today, tomorrow and always. I will always show you and love you forever. I love you so much!

I Promise To Love You Forever

My life is beautiful because of you, It is you who is my distraction, taking me out of the dark and loving the light in my bones

I love you letters to girlfriend

My lady love. You entered into my life as a candlelight in the dark; you showed me the meaning of love not with your words but with your care. You rebranded my life in ways I could never imagine, you taught me to speak and stand in my life authentically.

If I could have all the time in the world, I know that I’d spend those times in sublime pleasure with you, every minute packed with bliss. Each thought fills me with sweet emotion, I give to you my deepest devotion; my fondest wishes you completely fulfill; I love you totally and I always will. Of everything I know, love and treasure you, my love, who gives me pleasure. I love your way with me, your touch, and your kiss; To be with you is happiness and bliss.

When the sun sets I’d be your moon and light up your nights; when life seems to be weighing you down I’d lift you in my arms; when you cry and the only thing your lips taste are tears; I’ll kiss your lips and bring back the happiness. When you begin to doubt the happiness, when you begin to doubt the love I have for you I won’t give up cause I know our love will see us through. When you say you’re not perfect I’ll tell you a thousand beautiful words about yourself you never knew.

Cares you all day and the next and you’ll still feel brand new. Clear all doubts in your head my love…I’ll occupy it until it’s full I’d leave you in ecstasy.. Your thoughts would be all about me; because I’ll leave your mouth wide open after kissing you. Goosebumps all over your body after feeling you nothing’s worth doing if I’m not doing it with you. Reality is perfect for me because you’re my dream come true, and from now till we die I’m gonna keep loving you even when reality turns into eternity because you’re my angel and my heaven.

I Love You Letters To Boyfriend

The stars will explode when we finally taste our future

i love you letters to boyfriend 2

You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life. I never thought we will come this far I’m still in awe because never have I imagined my life to be loved and wanted by someone as special as you; you’ve been so sweet and caring that every girl wants her man to be you.

Thank you for seeing the best in me, for telling me how beautiful I am every day which I sometimes fail to see in myself. I am more than grateful and proud of calling you mine.

I know one day we will be together making our dreams come true and living our ‘’happily ever after’’. No more distance will set us apart, no more ‘talk to you soon and see you in my dreams’’ as we end our conversations; only real hugs and kisses because it’s more than anything that words couldn’t ever express and only the two of us can understand.

So no matter how tough the road ahead gets, please stay with me and I will hold your hand forever. I know we’re both waiting anxiously for what our future holds but let’s just enjoy every moment that we are together. For now, I just want to hug you tight and never let go. I love you!

To My Forever Person

I found everything I missed in you

i love you letters to boyfriend 3

I never really demand too much, I don’t seek for a Mr. Perfect what I see is Mr. Right and I believe I finally found the one. I don’t demand a wealthy guy, you may be the simplest guy in this world but I promise that won’t be a problem because there’s something in your way that will surely make you special. I hope you’ll understand me at times when my being ‘’moody’’ attacks. You see, I’m not that perfect enough.

You may complain but please don’t be rude. I need you to accept me the way I am when problems come, please be there to cheer me up; you may look funny in cheering me up but I tell you that’ll surely be worth it. I’ll support you in all the things you’ll do and with all the important things in life. I’ll be your greatest best friend, I’ll be your greatest fan, I’ll treasure your loved ones and keep them in my heart.

I Love You Letters For Him From The Heart

You are my heaven on earth where abundance grow

I Love You Letters For Him From The Heart 3

My love, if stars could conjoin to reveal how much sparkle you have ushered into my life, the earth would be blinded. You have been an anchor of support and compassion to me.

You etched a treasurable sketch in my soul as a remembrance of your presence and this change I am grateful. You taught me the unconditional rudiments of life.

So my love, let my body be a sanctuary for the light the world fails to see, cling to my soul when the range of hurricane descends into your roots.

Let me pull you with strength when your bones are swollen with adversity, let my hands be a temple of prayer, singing the melody of the night with your flesh layered on mine.

My love, as the moon empties herself on the slate of the earth, let my soul spill into yours, pouring every ounce of magic into your pores, creeping into places the sun can’t pierce and making those flowers bloom without restrictions.

Deeply In Love With You

Leave your fire on my lips and let our love burn in our soul

Deeply In Love With You Letters

My body is a museum aching to be decorated by the art tied to your fingertips. Let’s make magic unveiling the straps of light hooked to your fingers in the dark.

In all honesty, I’ll ask that your touch is engraved into the base of my soul and your initials carved into my ribs. Let your breath sprinkle gold dust down my flesh as we unpack sunlight hanging in our bones.

Your body glued to mine exposing my naked truth into the boundaries of my charisma.

Feel the texture of my soul and set me ablaze with the flames heaped in those eyes; let’s get lost for a while in a world blushing with stars but with a remembrance that your fingers hold up the compass of my satisfaction.

Once more marvel at the art carved in my hip bone as you barge into countries hanged in my flesh, render me numb with soft kisses pleating roses down my cheeks. With your hands tied to mine as vulnerability makes its way out of those smirked lips.

Let the depths of your breath draw brutal tenderness as you wrap yourself around me slowly.

Let the words of our soul take those vows with flesh tethered in one, unfolding the mystery of bleeding hearts thumbing desire deep into the layers of love.

Hold me! Let’s stain the moon and make more imprint as we burn, making magic with the lights down.

Sweet Love

Take all my love but leave only you with me

I Love You Letters 3

To my one and only love, I just want to tell you something: I want you to know that even though we fight over little things, we have ups and downs, people say that we won’t last, there have been times the road seemed closed, with us almost giving up but my love I’m still here fighting for you, for our relationship.

I know it’s hard not to give up, to hold on, and to stick by someone’s side. Relationships aren’t perfect but I say to you, we will get through it. You have my word, you are mine and I am yours; I promise you I will love you more and more every day.

Let us not talk about the past, it doesn’t matter to me; what matters most is that I’m your present and I will be in the future. You are my first and you will be the last. Jet’aime to infinity and beyond!

You Are Mine Forever

You understand my heart, and I can’t tell you enough how amazing that feels

Romantic Love Letters

I did not fall in love with you, I walked in love with you. I wide-open wide open knew what I was looking for and was certain when I found it in you and I choose you for many years. I wanted nothing more than to find some who treats me the way my father taught me I deserved to be treated. Thank you for decorating my life with boundless love.

To My Love

I want my love to speak through my breathe that you are the only reason I breathe

loving you letter to my love

My Love, you are the only person that knows me better than I do; my inside and out, my happy place, my solitude, my home. Thank you for being a constant light in life and a reminder that the world is so beautiful and has so much to offer if you choose to see it that way. Thank you for showing a positive perspective to everything, new ways of thinking and ultimately believing and supporting in every single dream and passion I have had.

You are my shoulder to cry on, the first person I call to share exciting news. You are the most genuinely humble and sincere person I know, you are gentle and caring towards me and the people you love; I cannot thank you enough for the amount of love you have shown me. You always give and never expect anything in return, just love.

You have taught me what love is; when I look at you, I cannot help but start praying to God not only for how thankful I am for you but it triggers me to pray for everything else that I am thankful for in life. I truly did not believe in love at first sight but when I saw you, I told myself you are going to be my partner one day and here we are. I just want to say I love you so much, I am so thankful and glad that you are hereby my side.

To My Soulmate

Rub your love onto me and pamper us into eternity

love letter 3

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I am intrigued to embark on this journey of survival, I am glad that  I was able to discover the true meaning of love with you being who you are, I am lucky to drink from the same cup of survival shared and yet choose to remain true to out ourselves. The passion we shared burns brighter and fiery like the sun and I will never trade you for anything. I am indeed lucky to have my soul joined to a magical being clothed in flesh this connection can’t be broken no matter the struggle you and I. That’s all we need to complete the life everything else falls behind we come first.

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