We all know what real love looks like. Well, at least most of us have an idea of what it really looks like. Some of us have even been privileged enough to actually experience the joys of being in love with someone who loves us in return. Many will attest that there is really no feeling in the world that compares to being in love with someone. That’s why a lot of us spend lots of our time searching for true love. However, our search for love can also result in opening ourselves up to hurt, pain, and disappointment. That’s why a lot men will try to assess their chances before diving into any commitment to a relationship. Promoted Content

They will try to measure whether a girl is really worth falling head over heels for. No one ever wants to end up in a relationship that’s going to conclude in hatred, pain, and turmoil. That’s why men should always be wary of the signs early on in a courtship. There are some things that you can look out for to ease your mind about the girl you’re dating. If she does a lot of the things that are listed on here, then she’s probably a woman worth keeping.

1. She has no problem admitting that she likes you.

She’s not playing games and she’s not fooling around. She doesn’t want to keep you on a leash and she’s very honest about her intentions. She doesn’t feel the need to make you work too hard for her because she’s interested in you as well.

2. She has no problem taking the steering wheel every once in a while.

She’s not exactly a submissive kind of girl. She has no problems making the decisions in the relationship every so often. She isn’t afraid to let you know what movie she wants to see, or where you should be having dinner next. She’s expressive and honest about her opinions. She also has no problem making plans for the both of you even when you don’t ask.

3. She has a life outside of the relationship.

She has a life outside of your relationship and that’s a good thing. It means that she isn’t solely dependent on you and that she won’t let herself be defined by merely being your girlfriend. She’s ambitious and also wants to make a name for herself.

4. She respects you.

She treats you with utmost respect. She never calls you name or insults your dreams and ambitions. She is always constructive because she only wants to build you up to be a better person. She is never looking to belittle you or bring you down.

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