Fresh tomatoes are a summertime favorite food and this easy marinade is a great way to kick your snack or meal up a notch!  Our family loves eating these Marinated Tomatoes on hamburgers, salads, with fresh mozzarella or on bruschetta.  There are so many delicious options for using fresh tomatoes!

Tomatoes Marinated in salad oil, red wine vinegar, sugar, salt, oregano leaves and minced green onions

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Our favorite way to enjoy Marinated Tomatoes is on a grilled hamburger.  We don’t add a lot of seasoning to burgers, so adding marinated tomato slices adds a fresh flavor that we crave all year around!

These tomatoes are so easy to make because there are only six common ingredients in the marinade, salad oil, red wine vinegar, sugar, salt, oregano leaves, and green onions.

I made these tomatoes for a 4th of July cookout at a friend’s house and the group was split about whether to put the tomatoes on burgers or slice them up to add to salad.  The good news is that guests can take the tomatoes and do whatever they want with them.

Everyone that tries these tomatoes enjoys them!  At a barbecue that I took these Italian marinated tomatoes to, a young girl who was confident that she doesn’t like vinegar ate and enjoyed these tomatoes!  I’m not a big vinegar fan either and I enjoy these tomatoes!  The vinegar flavor adds a nice, light accent.

lightly marinated fresh tomatoes


We are anxiously awaiting a tomato harvest this year!  When the tomatoes ripen we will eat some tomatoes fresh and on sandwiches.  We will definitely make our Open Faced Italian BLT.  We will add diced tomatoes to our Sloppy Jane Sandwich and Instant Pot Loaded Lasagna.

This tomato marinade will dress up several of our plain tomatoes and be added to salads.  I will cut tomatoes for salads into wedges for marinating.  Sliced marinated tomatoes will be added to sandwiches and eaten with a slice of fresh mozzarella for a snack.  I’m also looking forward to dicing some fresh tomatoes, marinading them and making bruschetta!

We are hit and miss with planting and tending a garden.  My son really likes to work the ground and plant his own garden.  I totally support him taking the lead on that because my life feels very full already.  As farmers, we know that growing plants is a big responsibility and we look at our garden as a hobby.  I love to see him actively learning to grow food.

Our family raises corn, soybeans, wheat and hay in central Ohio.  My husband’s family farms in eastern Indiana and western Ohio where there are farmers who grow several hundred acres of tomatoes.  Once in a while we’ll be driving through town and see large wagons of tomatoes being hauled to the processing plant.  I think most of those tomatoes are canned and made shelf stable for the grocery store and restaurants.

sliced tomatoes in marinade


  1. Slice tomatoes and layer in a baking dish.
  2. Whisk together salad oil, red wine vinegar, sugar, salt, oregano leaves and minced green onions.
  3. Pour marinade evenly over tomatoes and cover.
  4. Refrigerate and allow tomatoes to marinade for at least 4 1/2 hours.


  • Slice tomatoes to desired thickness
  • Thin sliced tomatoes will allow more of the marinade flavor to shine
  • Thick sliced tomatoes will have more of a tomato taste with a light marinade flavor
  • I use a garlic press to mince the green onion, if you don’t have a garlic press try to cut the white portion of the green onion as finely as possible and whisk together with other marinade ingredients
  • Marinade at least 4 hours, but up to all day to maximize marinade flavor
  • Using a 9×13 pan allows for about 3 layers of tomatoes which is optimal for making contact with and soaking up marinade
Farmhouse Marinated Tomatoes



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