To remove the stubborn eye bags,a person has to have a morning routine that’s effective enough to wash away the impurities and give that person a fresh look. A common issues, the bags under the eyes appear because of aging mostly.

When the normal fat, which supports the eyes, moves into the lower eyelids, it makes them look puffy. If fluid accumulate in the area below the eyes, they can add to the swelling.

This homemade eye solution is contain 4 essential natural ingredients that can effectively get rid of the bags under the eyes. The most prominent ingredient is witch hazel. It reduces cellular damage, inflammation, swelling and is used to sooth wounds.

The amazing homemade eye solution:

-Serves: 20 uses
-Total Time: 10 minutes


-10 drops of chamomile essential oil
-1/2 ounce of witch hazel extract
-10 drops of lavender essential oil
-1/2 ounce of pure aloe Vera gel


-Mix all the ingredients well together and put the mixture into a small glass jar with a lid.
-Make sure the ingredients are well blended.
-Place the mixture in the fridge overnight.
-Apply a small amount of the solution around the eyes, upon waking, and let it sit as long as possible.
-After removing it, apply a moisturizer.

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