The destruction of narcissistic fathers is far-reaching and is a problem that is truly plaguing our world.

Many of you may have experienced that, with a narcissistic father, your boundaries weren’t able to develop – because you didn’t have any.

It is also likely that, no matter what you ever did, it wasn’t enough to earn his love or approval … and … when you were in need of care, love or advice, the conversations became all about him, about his problems, blaming you or telling you what you were or weren’t doing to make him happy.

The effect on a child’s self-worth and self-value can be devastating – but how does this affect females and males differently? What happens to adult children of narcissistic fathers in their future relationships?

Please know, it is possible for people to heal from the inner devastation of a narcissistic parent (mother or father), even if abuse is all you have ever known and even if it has continued on into your adult life … as so many people in this Thriver Community have achieved.

In this Thriver TV episode, I’m going to cover not only how you can heal yourself for a toxic upbringing, but I also talk about co-parenting with a narcissistic father and how you can help your sons and daughters survive, heal and Thrive despite this.

It is my deepest wish, today, that I grant you relief and solutions for you and your children, from the terrible wounds of a narcissistic father.

After working with many close friends and clients I know the devastation narcissistic parents create. I also know the terror of having your children involved with narcissistic individuals, so please know that myself and this wonderful community is here with you every step of the way to heal yourself and your children.

I look forward to answering your questions and comments below.

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