#Keep your hands clean 

here is how you can do it the right way(share this blog post to your loved once to keep them safe)
well so I’ve just got him from the supermarket actually and I was touching one of those self-service checkouts,  and the guy that was there just before me was coughing on it. It was he was coughing on it so he his droplets from his air in his cough were going on to that surface, and whatever was in his cough coming out from the droplets in his mouth was going onto that surface and I touched it.

So I’m concerned that there might be viruses or bacteria from him on my hands. And I’ve been out-touching all sorts of dirty things so on my hands at the moment I suspect there are viruses, I suspect there’s bacterial fungal spores so until I’ve washed them.

 I don’t want to bring any diseases from outside into my house then what I’m going to do?

1. I’m not going to touch my face
2. I’m not going to touch my eyes or my nose
3. I’m going to keep my hands separate and now
4. I’m going to go and wash my hands properly

so I’ve come to the sink now to wash my hands and

“I don’t want the water hot and I don’t want the water cold “
I want it medium so I’m going to turn that on now.

Now the first thing to do is to wet your hands all over thoroughly first, like that get your hands wet and today I’m going to use some liquid soap.

Now after you’ve got your hands wet you can actually, knock that off with your elbow if you want to get your liquid soap.

Now I’m using liquid soap today but you could equally well use a bar so that’s all absolutely fine and quickly just get on your hands and then the first movement I want to tell you is that that’s palm to Palm cleaning the palms of your hands

like that nice clean bombs

Then the next thing we want to clean is the backs of our hands and the front of our hands so for that we do this and we interlace our hands  and if you’ve got a wedding ring on like me,
 just loosen it a bit and wash underneath.

Fun fact:- Clinically we would never wear stone rings but blind wedding bands are fine

and on that side then on the other side like that so we’re doing on both sides then we want to do it in lace fingers again but the front to foot like that movement

Now the next one is grip to grip like this so you want to do it like that get into all those palms and that also gets you to knuckles into you into the side of your barn to side and then the other way like that.

Now what a lot of people forget is their thumbs

so one thumb here and a twisting a movement like that then the other thumb, there is a twisting movement like that.

Now I want to give up palms and fingertips a particularly good clean
so now we go round our palms with our fingertips first on hand and then we want to do the wrists up to the wrists and again on that side so we’ve done both paws.

Now we can use our elbow and now we can live gracefully and this should take not less than 20 seconds really 20 to 30 seconds.

And then when I finish we don’t want to talk rounds with that dirty tap so it’s not good off with the elbow now.
I like to use some roll like this you get a couple of walls couple of pieces like that I’m just going to dry my hands trying to northerly or not G is drying under my ring

Maybe a bit more and now my hands are very clean.

Now if I’m in a public toilet I’ve now got a bit of a problem because I need to get out of the public toilet or if I have a tap with an old-fashioned twiddly thing then I could turn that off by putting that on the tap like that so I’m not reader teeing my hand.
And then if we go over to the door here go over to the door hang on doors closed
I’m gonna keep that like  and I’m gonna put that on the door handle because public toilets aren’t a toy to dirty places

I’m gonna open the handle like that so I can get out and I’m going to close that in the hand and then discard everything into a bin and then I can leave with clean hands.

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