We are an adventure and holistic health loving family of four from Perth, Western Australia. Thank you for stopping by our little corner of the world wide web. We hope you stay a while!

Mom, Tamlyn, and Dad, Alex, come from the same little town in South Africa and after spending 10 years living, loving, getting married and making 2 gorgeous boy babies (Eden and Storm) in the UK, have now settled happily in Australia.

We fell in love with travel while using London as a base during our 20’s and explored so many amazing places before blogging and Instagram even existed! Now as we raise our little boys, we want our thirties (and onward) to be filled with family exploration of our new home country and of the world. We believe travel has the ability to teach so much more than textbooks can!

At the same time we are believers in the importance of mental and physical health and of God!

Eating, praying, loving and playing is what its all about, isn’t it? Do those things with mindfulness, a grateful heart and a sense of humour, and… life can be everything you dream it to be!

We hope we can provide valuable information and/or inspiration through our blog posts that will help you to be the best version of yourself and live your best possible life!

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