It shouldn’t be difficult when it comes to finding the best date ideas as a couple, whether newly in a relationship or married. Sometimes the most overlooked part of being a couple is finding ways that will strengthen your relationship without sacrificing the fun. There are ways to have both all while enjoying one another’s company!

This is the time to open up on life, and a life together.

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If it’s already a challenge to do that, or your spouse has a difficult time letting go and opening up – it’s time to address it, and realize that more quality time needs to be spent strengthening your relationship on an emotional level.

Whether these ideas are not your picking for fun, that isn’t necessarily the goal here. That’s why I am giving you over 15 of the best date ideas to strengthen your relationship and deepen the connection between you and your SO.

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1 | Take a long hike

On a nature trail, in a park, or just around the neighborhood. Not only is it a good excuse for exercise, but you can do it together. Make a habit of it, do it often or make a point to do this when you’re developing certain feelings that require attention – such as an argument. Often times, people generally like to keep moving during moments of frustration – some even use the phrase, ‘I need to take a walk’, so get the blood flowing and to clear the head. Do it together at a much needed time.Report this ad


2 | Read a book together (aloud, to each other, taking turns)

A very different idea, yet has many positive benefits. It doesn’t have to be taken seriously all the time, but it also can be. Get a book that is specifically for or pertaining to your relationship/marriage. It can help you grow as a couple, like The Five Love Languages (a great read!)

Read it together, chapter to chapter. You don’t have to finish the book in one night, but much like a television series – take a chapter each day at a specific time (like after putting the kids down for the night, or when you wake up in the morning and haven’t gotten out of bed). If your spouse isn’t open to the idea (much reflecting on the fact they may feel it can be intrusive to the relationship, or implying that they are in need of ‘fixing’), calmly explain to them the learning benefits and created intimacy. Let them know this would make them feel closer to you, and closer connected.

Books to consider for deepening your relationship:

The Five Love Languages: How To Express Heartfelt Commitment To Your Mate (highly recommend!)

13 Happy Secrets To A Happy, Loving Relationship That Lasts

How To Revive & Strengthen Your Marriage

47 Little Love Boosters For A Happy Marriage/Relationship

3 | Rent a canoe or kayak

Sometimes there’s nothing better than enjoying each other’s company with the surroundings of nature. And you get to enjoy it from a different perspective – a very low key activity, which allows you both to engage in each other as well.

4 | Take a road trip

Make the plans for a few stops along the way, but also make this about time to get closer. Ignore the phone calls, the emails, and the text messages. Make this about the two of you, enjoying the open road – the limitless possibilities.

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5 | Do something out of your comfort zone

Couples tend to get into routine – and that’s completely normal, and healthy to some extent. But every now and then, as a couple, it’s nice to have the switch in the routine (even for just temporarily). So whatever that be: finding a new restaurant to try (or cuisine), or working out together once a week. Doesn’t have to be crazy, but it does have to be out of the norm.

6 | Paint something together

Not only will you have a masterpiece to hang up in your place, but also a reminder of the memory from that day. All you simply need are a couple artist canvases, an acrylic paint set and brushes – get your paint on together!
Really twist it up by taking a drive somewhere with a view – bring your paint supplies and a bottle of wine! Paint night!

7 | Find a place to watch the sunset

And it doesn’t have to be an immaculate spot like the beach or mountain top (unless you can make that happen) – just a nice, quiet, meaningful spot you can always come back to. That spot on the lake, or along the river, that park bench, or outside a cafe where you can sit, talk and reflect.

8 | Start a garden

This is so easy my head hurts. You don’t need to go all out and create a garden bed in your backyard (I mean unless you want to) – not everyone has one of those. Go shop for some cute pots, find some herbs from your local gardening store – and create a space together for ‘growing’ your relationship. No pun intended.

9 | Have a private picnic

And by private, I am talking somewhere else other than the measly busy playground you take the kids. If that is your only option, then make sure your children are encouraged to spend the time playing.  Or go all out, in a secluded place – with wine and finger foods, or your favorite junk food necessities. The point is like having a sit down meal together, only somewhere out of the norm. And don’t rush it like you would at the dinner table at home.

10 | Try out a brewery or wine tasting

It’s always exciting trying new things together, especially when you can have it both ways – new and exciting, yet intimate. Again, not something to be rushed. And though it shouldn’t require alcohol to open up to one another – it can help open the playing field for some. Utilize the time for something you both enjoy, and for each other.

11 | Meet at a coffee shop

If you have a favorite cafe, coffee shop or eatery. The idea literally is what is says – meet there. I know that sounds silly, but sometimes this tiny change up in your ways can create a different atmosphere when you come together. Make it a weekly thing, or time it at its convenience when you both have separate vehicles. Even if it’s only your hour for lunch, but refrain from talking about work.

12 | Go window shopping

You don’t have to buy anything, necessarily, but it’s just a way of opening up the line of communication. Especially for young couples. Get to know each other’s styles and tastes. Have fun with this one – money isn’t on the line here. It gets you moving, while also enjoying going somewhere without high expectations.

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