What can we do for ourselves and earth.
Ok, if you’re like me and you would love to help the earth as the same time that you’re helping you and being healthier, well, I’m going to tell you some tips for that. And if you haven’t seen my latest post, you should check it out! It is a blog about how can you help the planet, really easy. click here.

Now here are some tips:

  1. Take a shower with cold water. First it will help you, how? well, the cold shower reduce stress, and we all know that in our society we are really stressed! So go take a bath! It increase alertness, so it’ll help you breath better, heart rate and more energy. It’ll improve your hair and skin, (and we all want that) so get motivated by looking better, cold water can help us preventing form losing natural oils. And guess what… It’ll help you lose weight! If you’re interested in more benefits of cold showers you should check this page.  Now moving on, how this will help the planet. Well first, you won’t use as much energy as you use while showering with hot water, and this is obvious, then, because you don’t want to touch the cold water you will put shampoo and other stuff while you have the “water closed” I’m 100% sure you’ll do it!
  2. Go to sleep early. We all know that sleeping 7-9 hours is really good, it helps you to loose weight, to have more energy, and to prevent being moody. And for the earth, you will help her because you won’t use much energy and lights.
  3. Start using organic and homemade shampoos and soaps. Your skin will thank you, and the earth too, cause you will stop the bad stuff that have all the other shapoos from going to the earth.
  4. Go vegan or plant based.

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noviembre 08, 2019


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