The Best Six Pack Abs Workout at Home

Six packs are considered as the stamp of fitness. If you have six packs then you must be perfectly fit. To some extent, this is right because six packs are generated after much hard work, consistence and dedication. Not just that, six packs can not be developed without proper diet intake and calorie consumption. It take months to get only soft cuts of packs visible. 

We are going to list down and explain all those exercises that lead us to well-shaped and deep six packs within few weeks.


fit woman doing plank exercise
Plank exercise

Planks hit our back and upper body at the same time but the main point it focuses is abs. Plank is suggested as the best exercise for abs. Although it is not very complex, it burns fat rapidly.

How to do Plank:

You just have to lie on your feet and arms keeping your back straight and remain in this position as long as you can. A typical 1 minute in this position starts pain in your belly. Planks extend the muscles responsible for shaping six packs and create cuts.

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man doing crunches for six pack abs

Crunches are used to test abs in military training. If a soldier is able to do 60 crunches, then he is considered as fit. For this exercise, you just have to fix your legs beneath any support, bended, extend arms and touch your ears and in this position lift your upper body to certain angle.

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It does not feel difficult if you do 30-40 crunches but when you really cross 80, then it feels like hell. Crunches basically strengthen your back and burns belly fat.

Leg raises

woman training abs
leg raises

Leg raise is another great exercise for solid abs. Just lie straight on the ground and take your legs form horizontal to vertical position in extended form. The whole pressure will be delivered to your hips. Don’t try the support of your hands as well as upper body. Leg raises mostly helps you to develop lower abs.

Bicycle crunches  

fit man doing bicycle crunches
bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches is a variation of simple crunches. It works using alternative parts. Lie straight on the ground and grab your ears with hands. Then bend your right leg and alternative arm to touch it with right arm. Repeat this using left leg and right arm. This exercise works on the side abs and helps in fat loss.

Double leg circles

woman doing double leg circles exercise for abdominal
double leg circles

Double leg circles is a little bit complex then other exercises but it has awesome effect on abs. You have to lie on the floor with legs in the air and then move them in a circular way. Try to extend your legs as far as you can to get maximum benefit. First move them in clockwise direction, then in counter-clockwise direction to stretch more muscles.

Don’t forget to isolate your upper body during all this exercise.


fit man doing V-up exercise for abs

V-up is a slightly difficult exercise but with greater benefit. V-ups effect both upper and lower abs at the same time. To perform this exercise, lie on the floor with your hands and legs extended straight. Then raise your legs and upper body at the same time without bending and touch your feet with your hands. If you can not do this, then just try to touch your knees.

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