Signs A Woman Loves You Without Saying It

When a woman loves you…


How do you know she loves you?

What are the things you could expect to happen when a woman loves you?

Is she just attracted to you or she’s serious about you two?

Is she shy to admit she loves you?

Or maybe she tells you she loves you but then you are unsure if you see it?

I’ll tell you the answers to all of these and many more questions. If you enjoyed this article, don’t miss the chance to subscribe to our blog. I share insights into love and relationships every week.

Simply because she didn’t say it yet, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. More so – even if she says she loves you, it doesn’t mean she does. And it’s very simple to find out.

Below, I will list the top 10 signs she loves you without saying it. If you find out your lady does all of these things for you – never let her go!

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1. When A Woman Loves You, She Listens To You

when a woman loves you she will do these things for you

Have you ever felt like you’re having a monologue when talking to some people? You’re annoyed, but most importantly – you feel unappreciated. It’s like the things you talk about don’t have any meaning. 

But that’s not how it is with your girl. 

She actually hears you.

And it’s not about sitting in front of you and simply listening to you.

It’s about hearing what you have to say, interacting with you, asking questions, suggesting solutions to problems. You might even feel like she hears what you don’t say too.

A woman who really loves you will know how important it is for you to share your thoughts with her. That’s one of the best things that happen when you’re in a fulfilling relationship – you don’t have to deal with anything alone anymore.

A simple conversation could give you the power and strength you needed today and at the same time, it won’t take away your masculinity. She opens her heart for you and truly allows your words to touch her.

In fact, after you talk to her you will feel like you are capable to do anything. Because she believes in you.

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2. She Tells You When You’re Wrong

a woman that loves a man

Do you believe that if you’re always right about everything?

Well, I know your answer – no one’s perfect.

So, an obvious sign she loves you is when she doesn’t keep it quiet when you’re wrong. We all do mistakes, we all have our flaws, and that’s fine. But if she just uses you and doesn’t really love you, she will not tell you if you’re wrong. In fact, she wouldn’t care if you are wrong.

However, someone who really loves you will not “leave you in the dark” by letting you believe you are always so perfect. And that’s a good thing. Why? Because of the next sign she loves you:


3. When A Woman Loves You She Pushes You To Be More

couple holding hands

One of the best things about being with the right person is that you both grow together. Love isn’t just cuddles and kisses. Love means support to achieve your dreams. It also means that the other might believe in you more than you believe in yourself. And that’s the point when you will know if she loves you.

You might have great potential to be a better person, to live better, to do better. 

She constantly motivates you to BE more. You feel like you can expand your real potential and you’ll have her support. In her eyes, there are no limits before you. And that’s not because she’s in love, but because she sees things even, you don’t see. That’s the beauty of true love.

And you know what?

When a woman loves you in that way… there are truly no limits before you.



4. When A Woman Loves You, She’s Kind To You

when a woman loves a man

It’s that type of kindness you feel toward someone who’s very close to your heart. It’s the kind of care for your emotions, feelings and love. She will touch you in a gentle way, kiss you softly and hug you with her heart. 

Your bodies will fit together perfectly. And you will know that she belongs right here, on your shoulder.

It’s all about the energy she sends towards you when talking, the care that never ends… sounds too perfect? Well, check the next one:

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5. She Will Never Allow You To Mistreat Her

happy couple talking

They say love is blind, but true love opens the eyes. And when a woman loves you, she will not be blinded by that love.

She wants the same she offers – respect, commitment, appreciation, kindness, care… simply love.

That’s why a woman who loves you will never allow you to mistreat her. She will be open and honest about it when you misbehave and show disrespect.

She loves herself enough to know that how she must be treated and this helps you respect her even more. It’s like she puts you on your place, but in a way that makes you think “Wow! That’s a woman I want to have by my side.”


6. Someone Who Truly Loves You Will Show Care For You

a woman who loves her man

Words are huge power.

However, sooner or later everyone’s word should turn into action.

One of the most obvious sayings she loves you without saying it is when she shows care for you.

She simply cares about what you do, how you feel, she does small things for you that surprise you. For example, she might remind you of someone’s birthday, so you don’t forget it, she might make a launch for you, or just send you a motivational message at the beginning of a hard day. She might come and hug you when you’re frustrated or just leave you alone when you need that man-cave time.

You see, each one of us shows love in a different way. 

Gary Chapman talks more about this in his book Five Love Languages. By the way, if you want to understand how your lady shows her love for you in a specific way, and most importantly – how you could love her in a way so she understands you – I suggest you get this little book. It’s a treasure that saves lives.

7. When A Woman Loves You She Respects You

woman in love hugging her partner

We already talked about respect and love, but I have to point it out as it’s often underrated.

Just because there aren’t any obvious signs of disrespect, it doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden ones. Make sure you have a look at those 10 signs of disrespect in a relationship, so you can be alerted if something’s wrong. If the girl you’re with loves you, she will respect you. Every day. No matter what. Even when you fight. Remember that.

And she will appreciate you. She will be proud of you and almost show off with you in front of her friends and family.

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8. She Makes You Feel Like You’re Not Alone Anymore

lovers hugging each other

When you are with someone who truly loves you, you just know you’re not alone.

Not because she said it, but because she showed it.Report this ad

She’s next to you when you’re facing some difficulties. She makes you smile even in your saddest days. She is kind, and you simply know she’s always around for you. She hugs you and you feel her little heart’s warmth to enter your body. That’s the moment you know she loves you.

9. She Shows You’re Her Priority

couple in love on the fields

The difference between a girl who likes you and a woman who loves you is that the first one will care for you and you’ll be her priority, but she’ll never show it. The second one though, will not only show you’re her priority, but she’ll prove it every single day.

Grown-ups do these stuff: they don’t hide their feelings and they do their best to communicate them in the best possible way with the people around them.

To be her priority is not putting you before her family and friends, but doing everything with the thought of the relationship you have and the feelings you share. If there’s a family dinner, she will invite you to go with her. If she has to go out with her girlfriends, she’ll make sure you know about it.  No, she won’t ask you for permission, and you shouldn’t expect that. However, if you really need her, she’ll be there for you.

10. When A Woman Loves You She Makes You Smile

happy couple in love smiling

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She just makes you smile. She finds her way to communicate with you and make you smile. At least once today.

In fact, she believes your happiness and your smile are as important as hers. So she makes you smile.

And if she does all of the things above – hold her and never let her go, my friend. Because this girl truly loves you, and you’ll never feel alone again as long as you’re together.

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