If you hate standing or hitting the floor to workout, you’re going to love this one.

Especially, if you spend most of your time at a desk throughout the day.

This workout routine is also perfect for persons who have past injuries and can’t do explosive workouts.

For the next 10 minutes all you will need is a chair. The goal of this workout is to sculpt a smaller waistline and hit those lower abdominals.

You can stay right on the chair and burn some calories.


As mentioned earlier, all that is required is a chair.

You’re going to do four separate workouts that will work various parts of your abdominals.

The workout chart will be provided showing you the amount of sets and time aside for each.

So without further ado let’s get right into it!

Note: For all of these workouts make sure to contract your abdominals throughout the movement.

As the name suggests, you’ll be hitting those obliques very efficiently.


How to do it

  • Sit in a chair as shown in position A with your right hand behind your head.
  • You’re going to slowly perform a crunch with your left leg coming up to your chest as shown in position B.
  • Return to position A and repeat.

This will work your lower abdominal muscles to help sculpt that V-taper in your pelvis area.

How To Get A Slim Waist & Flat Stomach


How to do it

  • Get into position A as shown in the image above on the edge of the chair.
  • Perform a crunch lifting your left leg towards your chest while twisting your upper body to the right.
  • Return to position A and do the same for the left side.

Not only will you hit the lower abdominal muscles but also your inner thighs.


This workout is going to burn you out pretty quickly, so be prepared!

Now bear in mind that not because you’re seated the workout should be comfortable. It should still challenge you enough to turn up that calorie burn.


How to do it

Finishing with this workout is ideal as you’ll be able to get a good stretch. That’s one thing a lot of people forget when training your abdominals.

Spend some time to stretch your midsection to release the buildup of lactic acid.[1]


How to do it

  • Get into position A with legs wide apart and both hands in front of your pelvis area.
  • Slowly lower your body forward running your hands across each leg, hold this position for one second then return to the starting point.


seated tiny waist & flat stomach workout calendar



People who gravitate to this workout routine are busy professionals and students, who don’t have a lot of time to workout.

So if you want to lose waist and belly fat you have to fix your diet.

There’s no way around that.

Even if you’re doing the most explosive crossfit workout, if you’re eating more calories than you burn throughout the day you’re still going to gain fat.

That’s why you need to enter a calorie deficit.

Calorie deficit is when you burn more calories than you consume.

That’s the only way you can supercharge the fat burning process with a seated workout routine.

And you can do that without being constantly hungry throughout the day.

You just have to prioritize eating wholesome foods that are nutrient dense and not highly processed.

That’s a whole other subject so we’ve created a detailed meal plan that you can follow.

Check it out here



Doing this routine 3-4 times a week is ideal.

After you have completed a workout session, if you can do another 10 minutes then do it again.

You want to maximize as much calorie burn as possible.


You can do this after work or any free time that you get.

The thing is you want to eliminate the excuse of not being able to go to the gym.


Even a lazy person should find this workout helpful as you don’t have to get up from your seat!

That being said, you should give it your best effort!

  • Get into position A with both hands firmly gripping each side of the chair and right leg slightly lifted off the ground.
  • You’re going to slowly do a circle movement with your leg going as wide as possible, while maintaining contraction in your abs.
  • Complete the set for that leg and then move on to the other one.

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